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If you are looking for competitively priced floor machines, enter into the shop below to view our product range and order securely on line. Alternatively, find out all there is to know about floor cleaning machines below.

A1 Cleaning Supplies introduces a wide range of UK cleaning equipment from leading manufacturers including: Numatic, Prochem, Victor, Taski, Scot Young Research, Contico and others. Take advantage of our fantastic
floor machine discounts now, by placing your order easily and securely, using our online shop.

Floor Machines
We stock a large selection of floor machines, capable of carrying out a variety of floor cleaning tasks. Some are single disc rotary machines which are used with brushes or pads to polish, scrub, shampoo or strip your floor. Some are twin or multi disc which are equally suitable for scrubbing or polishing almost any type of floor surface, including one small model designed for cleaning floors in toilet cubicles or on stairs.

We also stock a huge range of machines suitable for cleaning carpeted floors, and many others including scrubber dryers, floor sweeping machines and even combined scrubber sweepers.

Rotary Models
Usually commercial rotary floor machines are sold with various speed options which will usually include a slow speed most suited to rotary carpet cleaning or floor scrubbing. Also a high speed or an ultra high speed designed for spray burnishing or floor polishing. Others include a medium speed model capable of both scrubbing or polishing, or even a dual speed machine offering the same choices. Some even have floating heads for use on uneven floors.

These high performance floor machines will do it all, they scrub, strip, spray clean and buff, polish, bonnet clean, shampoo, scrape, grind or even sand the floor. Specialist rotary floor cleaning machines are available for use where hazardous and combustible material is present. There are a wide range of accessories available for rotary machines including pads, brushes, solution tanks, dust extraction units, spray attachments and many more specialised items.

Scrubber dryers and sweeping machines Scrubber dryers provide the most efficient floor cleaning solution for large areas as they will leave the surface touch dry. Sweeping machines can be pedestrian or ride-on models and are suitable for both large internal and external areas. But the combined ride-on scrubber sweepers can offer the best of both worlds and are ideal for cleaning larger warehousing.

If you require advice regarding cleaning tasks or cleaning supplies, then please phone our technical dept on 01276 685985 or e-mail us at info@a1cleaningsupplies.co.uk and one of our experienced team will be happy to help and advise you.

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