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If you are looking for competitively priced scrubber dryers, enter into the shop below to view our product range and order securely on line. Alternatively, find out all there is to know about scrubber dryers below.

A1 Cleaning Supplies introduces a wide range of UK cleaning equipment from leading manufacturers including: Numatic, Prochem, Victor, Taski, Scot Young Research, Contico and others. Take advantage of our fantastic scrubber dryer discounts now, by placing your order easily and securely, using our online shop.

Scrubber Dryers
Scrubber dryers are combination machines to scrub the floor and simultaneously collect the dirty water; with mains or battery power options. Industrial floor scrubber dryers can be either the walk behind or the ride on type and will produce safe, dry and clean floors.

They are designed for internal floor cleaning applications such as hardwood floors, ceramic floor tiles, bare and painted concrete, terrazzo flooring and marble. They can even be used on many painted or finished outdoor surfaces including concrete.

They are usually found in factories, hospitals, warehouses, sports halls, swimming pools, car parks, rail and air terminals, markets and shopping malls, where they will scrub and dry the floor in one operation, with no need to close off areas when cleaning, allowing your business to carry on without interruption.

As attractive, clean surroundings make a lasting impression to staff and visitors, especially the floors. Our industrial scrubber dryers are designed to tackle most soiling, including stubborn grease and grime and will leave the floor, not only spotlessly clean but also dry. They allow water to be mixed with detergents and scrubbed onto any hard surface, they will then agitate and suspend the dirt and debris in the cleaning solution. A squeegee then sucks up the slurry into a recovery tank.

Depending on the size of the area to be cleaned, and whether indoors or outside, we have a scrubber dryer that fits the bill. From large ride-on machines, capable of cleaning up to 6000 square metres per hour, to low cost pedestrian operated models, which using an equally efficient cleaning method, can clean over 2000 square metres per hour. With the user in full control of the operating speed, these machines will adapt to a range of different environments.

If you require advice regarding cleaning tasks or cleaning supplies, then please phone our technical dept on 01276 685985 or e-mail us at and one of our experienced team will be happy to help and advise you.

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